When you have been to your barbers shop, you no doubt have come across them using a set of Oster Classic 76 Clippers. These clippers have been around for many years and are the most often chosen clippers used by professionals. For the exact same reasons the professionals may use these clippers, many now buy them for their home.

The Oster clippers are built with a heavy duty internal motor which will allow the clippers to cut through even the thickest of best hair clippers with ease. The oster clippers also have several different cutting blades available to you. Choosing different blades will give different hair lengths for cutting. The Oster clipper body is made to last, they are made of a quality heavy duty material The switch can easily be replaced and replacement brushes are available for the motor.

Many people who like to cut their own hair are quite enthusiastic of these clippers. You can cut your hair to a set length with ease as you select your pre set length with your choice of clipper head attachment. You can become quite proficient in cutting hair with very little effort and time involved with these.

Cutting wet and heavy hair with a set of oster classic 76 clippers is a breeze, the hair types will not affect the clippers performance. The blades are good and sharp, so they cut your hair rather than pulling and ripping it.

The reason that the professionals will choose a set of the Oster clippers would be because they do not overheat with regular use, just like alot of the cheaper sets of clippers. If heating with continual use is a problem, Oster offers a cooling lubricant that can bring the temperature of the blades back to an acceptable level.

Consumers will pay more for these clippers than most that are found at the local drugstore. Suggested retail price for the clippers is about $190, but a quick internet search will find prices that offer a minimum of sixty dollar savings. Professionals will find the investment worthwhile and home hair cutters will quickly save the money in the costs of haircuts and tips.

This Oster Classic 76 review finds that these heavy duty clippers are an excellent choice for use by the professional or in the home.

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